About Me

My Background

I was born in California.  I graduated from high school on the Big Island of Hawaii.  As an adult I made my home in Colorado for many years.  

In high school I studied agriculture and business planning.  I developed leadership, facilitative and public speaking skills that I rely on strongly more than twenty years later.

I am excited to be establishing my home and business in Mesquite, Nevada.  We have invested in the equipment to capture and convert various media to digital format.

My Thing

I have spent much of my adult life learning.  I have well devolped my skills in digital image design and processing.  I enjoy creating art and crafting.  I'm always working at some new plan or design.

My Inspiration

Artistically, I am influenced by the world around me.  I see the beauty and purpoose of nature and culture.

Professionally, I am personable and reliable.  I am currently planning a product list for my digital processing servivecs. 

Personally, I am driven and motivated by my family and loved ones.  I am inspired everyday by the people in my life.  To give back to them is what I most strive for.